#GrowTheSport #LovePaintball

Everything we do is about making the sport of paintball, bigger, better and available to everyone who wants to play. We are a true association of and for its members and would love your support and your input.

We have people who have just started playing this year and Others who have been playing for over 30 years.

Every persons view and opinion not only matters, but is essential if we are going to grow the sport the way we want to.

Join us, Unite us, Work with us…

The Paintball Community Has Strength

Over the years the APA has been asked to help provide equipment to tournament organisers, find players for teams and assist members in working thorough legal red tape.

Within our team of members and committee we have decades of experience overcoming some tricky situations. Use the APA as your support for the sport. we are always glad to help when and where we can.

Build It & They Will Listen

Strength in numbers. The APA is aiming to have paintball recognised by councils and sporting organisations as a ‘SPORT’ we all know that it is already our sport, we want to be recognised as one officially.

With this recognition many opportunities will be possible, local grants, government funding, club houses, more spaces to play.

Paintball in the Olympics? It’s a pipe dream they say… we say NOT. We are far away from that at the minute and it will take time… But together, as a group… Can We? 

Join us, lets see…


Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Rush! #LoveTheGame

Whether you are a 30 year veteran of the game or just starting out, the feeling is intense… What a game… What a rush…

Let’s spread the love an get as many people as we can playing this awesome sport that we all love…

Help us spread the word… #GrowPaintball

Not Just a Game… It’s a Sport… Your Sport

Join us… We are stronger with you on our side…

#GrowTheSport #LovePainball

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